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Getting help overseas

If you find yourself in difficulty overseas, there are a number of resources you can draw on for help.

Your travel insurer

Travel insurance companies often have 24-hour assistance centres that you can contact from anywhere in the world. If you become ill overseas, are involved in a medical emergency, or if your valuables are lost or stolen, you should first contact your insurance provider.

Family and friends

In non-emergency situations, such as when you have lost your wallet or require additional funds to pay a fine, and where you do not have travel insurance or your travel insurance does not provide full coverage, you should seek financial assistance from family and friends.

Tour operator or transport provider

If you are in difficulty as a result of delays or cancellations in travel activity or transport, you should first contact your travel agent, the tour operator or the transport provider. Alternatively, your travel insurance policy may cover you for financial losses due to such unforeseen circumstances.

Local emergency services

In circumstances requiring emergency assistance from police, fire or ambulance, you should contact local authorities. Contact numbers for emergency services can be found in the Where to get help section of most travel advisories.

Consular services

If you find yourself in difficulty overseas and have exhausted other avenues of assistance such as those listed above, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade may be able to provide you with some practical advice and assistance.

The Consular Services Charter outlines the consular services and assistance that are provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through our embassies and consulates. There will, however, be circumstances in which our ability to provide consular support will be limited.

Contact details for Australian diplomatic missions overseas are available on the Department's website and in each country's travel advice.

The Australian Government has an agreement with Canada for Canadian missions to provide consular services to Australians in some countries where Australia has no or very limited representation.

The 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra can also be contacted for assistance from anywhere in the world on +61 2 6261 3305 or 1300 555 135 if in Australia.