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Changes to Smartraveller

We’re committed to helping Australians in difficulty overseas. So we’re enhancing Smartraveller to provide a more modern and effective consular service to you.

From November we’ll have a new website. Our travel advisories will be easier to read and navigate.

You’ll be able to receive all travel advice updates simply, just by using your email address to subscribe.

We’ll offer a new option to get SMS ‘critical alerts’ in a crisis.

Please note, current subscribers will need to resubscribe when we launch our new website. We know that’s an extra step but we think you’ll like how easy our new service is to use.

It will also be easier to change your preferences or contact details, including while you’re away.

Importantly, when the new website goes live, we’ll no longer have a pre-departure registration system. Instead, we’ll activate a crisis page if there’s a major incident overseas that could affect Australians.

At that point in time, if you are affected and need our help you can contact us.

You can either

  • use the crisis page on Smartraveller, or
  • contact the 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre (+61 2 6261 3305 from overseas, 1300 555 135 within Australia or +61 421 269 080 for SMS).

Anyone can contact us on your behalf if they hold concerns for your welfare.

Keep in touch with friends and family back home. Give them a copy of your itinerary before you go so they know where you are.

These changes allow us to be quicker to respond to those who need our help in a crisis.

Why are we stopping registration?

We designed and introduced the trip registration system over 16 years ago. It was intended as a crisis management tool so we would have a head-start on any Australians affected by a crisis overseas.

Our experience in managing crisis responses has confirmed that the best data we receive on Australians affected by a crisis is from travellers and their loved ones contacting us. Very rarely if ever is the pre-registered data helpful to our response. In fact it often diverts our resources when they are most stretched.

We also quickly deploy consular staff on the ground in a major crisis. Our network of embassies and consulates will be working with local authorities and our consular partners to find and help you as quickly as possible.

The new system reflects the reality of how we manage crises.  It allows us to focus on those most in need.  Ultimately we need to know who needs help, not who is safe and well.

The new subscription service with SMS added also provides another way to get messages out quickly to people in a crisis situation.

What you need to know

  • You don’t need to register your travel with us before you leave Australia. 
  • If you want the latest travel advice updates delivered to your inbox, you can subscribe here.
  • But remember you’ll need to subscribe again when the new service goes live in November.

Do you have some questions? Read our frequently asked questions.