Subscription Service - Travel Advisories and Bulletins

This is a free email service to provide you with the latest information on the safety and security risks at your destination. It is intended to inform your decisions about whether, when and where to travel. We encourage you to subscribe to this service as soon as you are thinking about holidaying, working, studying or living overseas.

It's simple. Each time the travel advice for your destination is updated by the Smartraveller team (such as with new information on a terrorist threat, changes in visa requirements, or an approaching cyclone), it will be emailed to you. You can also subscribe to bulletins on particular events or issues, such as 'Anzac Day in Turkey' or the 'global terrorism threat'. On average, these advisories are updated less than half a dozen times per year - but in places like Indonesia and Thailand it can be more often.

Remember, subscription is different to registration. By registering your travel plans, DFAT can contact you in an emergency. But you will not usually receive updates to the travel advice unless you subscribe. We recommend you do both.

Getting started

All users need an account. It takes one minute. Create an account using your preferred email address. No further personal details are required. You will then be sent an e-mail containing an initial password which you may then change to something more memorable.

Using your account, simply choose the destinations or events you wish to subscribe to. You can choose as many destinations as you like. And you can unsubscribe from this service whenever you wish.

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